Vandalism Services

Vandalism to a home or business can be just as unexpected as fire or water damage. In most cases the damages are less severe, however, in some the damages can be as detrimental to the structure as fire or water damage.

No matter the degree of severity, Orion can be the solution to the reconstruction and restoration of your damaged belongings. Vandalism damages can be a formidable opponent in regards to restoration, so it is vital that the damages be tended to as quickly as possible.

Here are some elements to keep in mind when dealing with vandalism damage:

  • Wash off residue from exterior of building (eggs, other non-permanent residues).
  • DO NOT try and remove paint, or ink from the exterior of building.
  • If paint cans are left behind, save them so the professionals will know the chemical composition of the paint.
  • Make a list of all damages.
  • Do not throw away wood chips left over from damages. These can prove useful during the restoration process.
  • Remove all glass from carpet and/or upholstery to avoid injury.
  • DO NOT use household cleaning products until you collaborate with your professional cleaner.

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