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Orion Construction - Storm Damage Information

In NE Ohio, we are well known for a variety of different storms during the seasons. Whether it be a spring thunder and/or lightning storm, summer flood, fall hail storm or winter snow, ice, and/or blizzard like conditions, residential and commercial properties may experience damage. In the event that such damage should occur at one of your residential or commercial properties, Orion Construction is available 24/7 to assess and repair the damage to your interior structure, roof, gutters, siding, windows, fence or any other structure on the property that have been destroyed by the storm.

Hail Storms

Hail storms are not uncommon in the NE Ohio area and are likely to hit during peak storm season. The damage that hail can cause to homes, businesses, and other types of property may or may not be visible to the eye and there could be hidden damage. Our team of professionals have the knowledge and equipment to determine if the structure needs repaired.

Thunder and Lightning Storms

Severe weather such as a thunderstorm and/or lightning can produce high winds, hail, heavy rain and possibly tornadoes.  While you are safely inside your home or basement during the event, these kind of storms can affect the roof, windows, siding, gutters, chimneys, and exterior structures.  It is important to contact us right away to begin the assessment of your property before more damage occurs.

Ice Storms

Ice storms can produce freezing rain that layers everything in its path with a glaze of ice. An ice storm can cause tress to topple on a roof and/or window, create ice damming, and rupture outdoor pipes. If such an incident should occur at one of your properties Orion Construction’s team of professionals is prepared to be on site to inspect the property.

Heavy Snow and/or Blizzards
Heavy Snow Blizzards

Living in the NE Ohio region, it is common knowledge that winters can become quite unpredictable, with storms being mild to very severe. Blizzards and heavy snow are severe winter storms that combine torrential snowfall with fierce winds and freezing temperatures. The combination of either or both of these type of storms can be detrimental to the structure of homes and businesses which in turn means that issues should be dealt with swiftly. Heavy snow can produce very dangerous conditions, including roof collapse.  Please do not hesitate to call Orion Construction should you be concerned that one of your properties might have damage.


Floods are usually a result of heavy rain and water that accumulates from severe weather systems, which causes the water to rise faster than the storm drains can maintain. “Flash” floods can be abrupt with violent periods of rainfall that can flood homes, basements and businesses. These types of floods can cause serious damage to both the interior and exterior of properties. Flood causes extensive property damage all across the United States every year and that is why you should call Orion Construction to repair any water damage to your home or business.