The Reconstruction Claims Process

  1. Original Estimate: Contractual services must have prior approval from your insurance company or adjuster before any services can be performed. This approval might take anywhere from 5-7 days. We ARE NOT agreeing to the individual unit prices provided in the line item estimate to the insurance company. As the contract explains, those prices are a convenience in the industry and in many cases does not reflect our actual prices and costs.


  1. Supplements: A supplement amends our original contract for services and must have prior approval from your adjuster before any work is scheduled.


  1. Change orders: A change order amends our original contract for services regarding upgrades requested by you. All change orders are paid in full at time of your approval.


  1. Tradeoffs: A tradeoff is a deletion of services which amends our original contract and is not allowed under the terms of this agreement, unless approved by your adjuster.


  1. Owners Selection: Color or Brand will be made by customer for installed items and this will be noted on the Customers Selections form.


  1. Communications with Orion: The Project Manager will provide updates to discuss your project progress. Your Project Manager is: _______________________ Phone: _____________________


  1. Communication with Tradesman or Other Contractors: All communications about your project must go through your Orion Project Manager. The tradesmen are not authorized to speak for Orion services and are instructed to make no changes without authorization from your Project Manager.


  1. Resolving Conflicts: If any issues arise on your project, contact your project manager. If the project manager cannot resolve, contact the local office at 330-244-9708. Our operations manager will assist in arriving to a mutually agreeable resolution.


  1. Schedule: We will create a schedule prior to starting your project. The schedule is based on available resources. Some of those resources may be our Orion tradesman and some may be other contractors. While we try to schedule the work for every work day, there may be times when we are waiting on other contractors or material delivers therefore work cannot be scheduled. Our schedule anticipates these events, but if for some reason we believe the target date slipping we will make every effort to get it back on schedule and will be in contact with you regarding the matter.