Larry Haines – Production Assistant

Larry is a Production Assistant at Orion Construction. He has been working with contractors in one way or another for about 30 years. He worked with his father who owned his own flooring store where he measured and worked on estimates. Throughout his career he worked for three other companies in a similar capacity. Larry worked at HHGregg as a regional manager where he was responsible for finding, bidding and growing relationships with builders and contractors. Before coming to Orion Construction, he worked at Lowes for the last three years in their Pro department.

He joins the Orion Construction team with many qualities. Larry will be responsible for monitoring budgets and costs, handling calls and correspondence, purchasing construction materials according to project requirements, communicating with suppliers and helping our production team. When not at work he spends quality time with his wife of 28 years, daughter 27 and son 23. He has been a Mason for 15 years and enjoy the friendship and comradery thoroughly.